Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Feature....MoonStoneDesigns


     It's that time of year again when pumpkins show up on front porches, leaves get raked up, and the candy aisles are fully stocked: that's right, it's Halloween. What better way to celebrate this spellbinding time of year than with a STATTEAM artist who specializes in making one-of-a-kind hats! (Which, incidentally, could be a perfect accent for your little ones' Halloween costume this year!). Meet Kristin, the seamstress behind MoonStone Designs...

"Where (or from who) did you learn to sew?"
I learned to sew in High School. I was the President of the Art Club and my teacher taught me how to sew. I keep teaching myself new things all the time and it is a process that just keeps growing and growing one skill on top of another. That same teacher now rebuilds vintage sewing machines and I go to her all the time for sewing machine advice and parts.

 "Where does your inspiration to create come from?"
My inspiration comes from my world around me. I love my kids and I love nature, and I try to put the two together when I make my hats. I like the things that I make to be realistic and fun, and warm is a plus! The fleece animal hats really started after my 5 year old had brain surgery and a shunt placement in the spring of 2010. We spent an entire month at the hospital and when it was time to leave, his hair was gone, he had horrific scars, and a bump from the shunt. I really didn't like having to explain to everyone in the grocery store why his head look liked that! People really couldn't help stare. So, I started making fleece animal hats for him. They turned out amazing and I kept making new designs, people really liked them, and then I started selling them on Etsy. I now sell them around the world. I keep making them for my kids and because I love to see people wearing the hats and having a great time. They are the perfect mix of function and fun. I continue to be connected to the Seattle Children's hospital and I regularly send hats to children there as well. On my site, you can purchase a hat at a discount and I will send it directly to a child at Seattle Children's Hospital on your behalf, or to the hospital of your choice!

"Where would you like to see yourself/shop in 5 years?"
 In five years I would love to see myself/my shop have a more useable work space. A wonderful room that is dedicated to all my creative processing and projects would be paradise.


So check out this talented artist by clicking her logo below... Perhaps you'll find a little critter you just have to take home with you!


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