Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Doris, part two...

It's Sunday morning...perhaps the best morning of the entire week. Why not grab a hot cup of coffee....

...and dish up some yummy and delicious cake....

....curl up in a cozy blanket...

...and sit back, relax, and read where Leif/Luigi/Ivanovitch will take us today....

For those just tuning in, you can start at the beginning of this saga in my July post, "The Reinhewitz Tower", where I found a vintage postcard addressed to a Miss Doris Geenan...and then view the "Dear Doris, part one" post to get the rest of the story. Here's where our story takes us today...

"Dear Doris-
        This is the largest city in Switzerland & and home of the German-speaking Swiss- or "Svizza Dicha" as they are called. The city is one of the cleanest, most modern, & most picturesque in Europe - but my friends here tell me that the "Svizza-Dicha" are a hard nosed group at best & very difficult to get along with. The German they speak here is a far cry from any other German anywhere else.
                                        Wm. Tell"

"Dear Doris-
          Back in Suisse again & I take it these are ski cabins on front- looks sort of cold. Some day I'll have to check this skiing out- you're just a guy who doesn't rate, with some of the dollies here, unless you participate in "the sport".
          Right now I'm tired of traveling & when I get back to Grenoble- I won't move for at least a week.

"Dear Doris-
            This is Munich prior to the air bombing. In the whole picture I don't think there is even one building they missed. What is amazing is the speed with which reconstruction has proceeded. All the rubble has been cleared away & new buildings are going up daily.
             The G.I.'s here aren't helping the American name much as far as one can see. Too bad the Army sends kids over here.

I've tried to put them in order as best as I can tell their date on the cancellation, but sometimes it's hard to tell...come back next Sunday to follow our Mystery Man on his next escapade through "the old country"!


  1. Great story so far! I love old postcards and letters!

  2. It really is a good story. And since it's the internet, there's a teeny tiny chance that someone who knows one of these people could stumble up it. Which is really cool.